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Apr, 2023

Opening Day

Dear Parents,
    Apologies for the late reminder, but our Ceremonial Opening Day celebration is this Saturday, April 15. We will reschedule the 9AM Saturday morning T-Ball games. I’d prefer they play Friday night at 6 PM, but I will leave that to the team Managers. (T-Ball Yankees vs T-Ball Tigers can be Friday night at 6 on the Rookie Field. T-Ball Dodgers vs Zia T-Ball White Sox can be Friday night on the Softball field. Please check with your team Manager.) The Saturday T-Ball games will slip to 11:15 AM or be rescheduled.

Opening Day will start at 10AM and be over by 11 AM. The Agenda will be as-follows:

1. Teams gather on the softball field at 9:30 AM. At 10 AM teams will walk up to the new field, enter through the double gate on the 3rd base side, walk along the infield fence, then arrange themselves around the grass at the edge of the infield. Each team will be announced, starting with T-Ball, and ending with Sr Baseball. Each level will be introduced alphabetically (T-Ball A’s, T-Ball Cardinals, etc.) Please cheer each team as they are announced and pass by the bleachers

2. Once all teams are on the field, we will play the National Anthem, and recite the Pledge of Allegience.

3. We will then introduce our guests, including Rep Debbie Sarinana and Rep Liz Thomson. Other elected officials my show up, and they will be introduced as well. Each will have a couple (brief) minutes to speak.

4. We will then have ceremonial first pitches.

5. Once the first pitches have been thrown, we will dismiss everyone to go on their way. Pictures can be taken of teams, and of teams with the various elected officials. There will be games starting.

6. Isotopes tickets for our Little League night on May 6 may be purchased. Details will be announced at the ceremony.

Parking and Safety!

1. Our parking lot will fill early. Those who park in the parking lot will have a slower time leaving. Please follow the instructions of those we have available to direct traffic.

2. We recommend dropping your kids off with a parent, using the roundabout at the front of the park, then parking across the street behind the vacated Village Inn or by the Bank of the West, or in the Albertson’s parking lot.

3. Police will be present on Juan Tabo to slow traffic down. That said, we are always concerned about kids and parents crossing Juan Tabo. We have gone many years without and accident, but we still worry. Please be careful and attentive.

Again, apologies for the late reminder and having to scramble the Saturday morning game schedule. The Board of Directors has been working hard, but we continue to be short-handed. If willing to help us, please reach out to us, or to the President, Bruce Kelley, who can be reached at 505-235-0512, or [email protected].

Thank you
2023 MH Board

Field Status

Open Open

E. Mtn Softball (06:41 PM | 04/02/23)

Open Open

Jr/Sr Field (04:48 PM | 03/26/23)

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Minor (09:48 AM | 08/28/23)

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Major (09:48 AM | 08/28/23)

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Rookie (09:49 AM | 08/28/23)

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Jeanne Bellemah Park (02:49 PM | 03/20/23)

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Field 1 (02:49 PM | 03/20/23)

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Chelwood Elementary School (09:58 AM | 03/22/23)

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Field 1 (09:58 AM | 03/22/23)

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Matheson Park (07:57 PM | 04/04/23)

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Field 1 (07:57 PM | 04/04/23)

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Don Juan De Onate Park (09:34 PM | 04/10/23)

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Field 1 (09:39 PM | 04/10/23)

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Grant Middle School (04:57 PM | 04/20/23)

Open Open

Field 1 (04:57 PM | 04/20/23)