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New to Mile High Little League for 2017 is the use of the "Double First Base."  The use of this base is a safety measure intended to prevent collisions between the batter-runner and the first baseman.  The use of these bases is permitted for ALL divisions of Little League Baseball and Softball, to include International Tournament play in accordance with Official Playing Rule 7.15.  These bases will be used during all games on Strandberg Field, Miera Field, and Wimber Field in 2017.  Coaches, managers, and umpires should familiarize themselves with the Rule 7.15.
Click here for PDF of Rule 7.15 or read the Chief Umpire's summary below.  This summary is for your convenience only; should there be a question during a game, consult an official rule book. Please feel free to Contact the Chief Umpire if you have questions.

Rule 7.15 -

(a) A batted ball that hits the white half is a fair ball, orange is foul.

(b, c) When a play is being made on the batter-runner, the defense must use the white half; batter-runner must use the orange half.

  NOTE 1: A play is being made on the batter-runner when he/she is attempting to reach first base while the defense is attempting to retire him/her at that base.

  NOTE 2: If there is a play on the batter-runner, and the batter-runner touches only the white portion and the defense appeals prior to the batter-runner returning to first base, it is treated the same as missing the base. Penalty: Batter-runner is out.

  NOTE 3: On extra-base hits or other balls hit to the outfield when there is no chance for a play to be made at the double first base, the batter-runner may touch either the white or orange. Once the batter-runner goes beyond first base, he/she may only return to the white half.

(d,e ) When tagging up on a fly ball, or prior to leaving base on a pitched ball [Baseball (Major and below) Rule 7.13 or Softball Rule 7.08(a)(5)] the runner must use the white half.

(f ) On an attempted pick-off play, the runner must return to the white only.

(g) In Majors, Intermediate (50-70) Division, Junior, and Senior divisions (baseball or softball), on an uncaught third strike, the batter-runner and the defensive player may use either the orange or the white section.

                  SOFTBALL ONLYrule 7.13(g) is limited as follows:

     1)      On any force out attempt from the foul side of first base, or;

     2)      On any errant throw pulling the defense off the base into foul territory, or;

     3)      When the defense legally uses the orange side in this situation, the batter-runner can run in fair territory, and if hit by the thrown ball, it is not interference, unless intentional interference is ruled.

(h) Use of the double first base does not change any other rule concerning interference or obstruction at first base.

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